An Upheaval

The soul and the spirit are divided;

The joint and the marrows are united.

The house and home are broken apart;

The city of Delhi and New York are right next door.

The sparrows and bees are going extinct;

The Hindu and Christian couple is blessed in a holy matrimony.

Who is it, behind the disparity?

Sometimes it’s the technology, the cause;

Sometimes it’s the religion, the root;

Sometimes it’s the politics, the rationale;

Sometimes it’s the society, the source;

Sometimes it’s what we say “I don’t care”; “It’s not my business” the reason.

Here sets in action, the game,

Everyone plays it, the blame game.

No one apprehends the double-edged sword,

Cutting through the inner depths of each heart;

It’s not one alone; it’s me, you and everyone,

Calling the grim reaper,

With the hope of the unseen afterworld to be better. 

Why can’t the present be the afterworld?

If not let’s make “now” the afterworld?

Today is called the present, a gift,

Oogway says it absolutely right!

Let’s bring in The One,

Oneness in peace, love and harmony;

Unseen afterworld will turn into the present.


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