Rhythm of life

Every day sun rises in the east,

And sets in the west.

The moon ascends in the west,

And descends in the east.

What happens next?

Every year begins with cold winter,

Followed by monotonous autumn,

Enters the beautiful spring,

Ends with the hot summer.

What happens next?

Every one was born as a baby,

Grows to an adolescent,

Enjoys the parenthood,

Ends with the withering old age.

What happens next?

Every deed begins with inquiry,

Inception for the answers,

Takes the form of words,

Ends with the intriguing existence.

What happens next?

Everywhere it begins,

Everywhere it ends.

It begins with the end,

And the end is the beginning again.

The question next is always there,

The answer is also always there.

You, me and all are on it.

Is it the beginning?

Or is it the ending?

Is this the travesty of life?

Or is this the rhythm of life?


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