Answer… My Hero

                         My head is spinning like crazy, so many unanswered questions lingering in my head. I’m searching for you for long, where do I find you? Now that’s another question. I’m caught in my winding ways, struggling hard in the darkness, grappling for breathe still no Answer. Come and please answer my questions! Calm the turbulence within me. All day long this is what I attempt. It’s hard for me walk alone on this path but still I’m in want for my Answer, after which it’s all going to be simple is my figment of the imagination. My Answer is the valor for this illusion.

At present questions are haunting through the long lonely roads, leading me to sleepless nights of coast of thoughts, unable to tread to my Answer I further sink in my own views. Just feels like it’s a marshland; is it if I fallen into this through the circumstances or is it I have drawn myself into it unconsciously or it’s my destiny? Which among these, I’m yet to decipher! Once again there he makes a subtle appearance but then in the desire to meet him I lose him again. I never knew it would get complicated to this extent but then now I have realized it. The existence of these convoluted roads has a cause; this intricate chain for this long in my life is for a reason.

The basis is to make me stronger, bringing along a tranquilizer to the anxiety. He will make me grow more beautiful deep within; welcome my dream world with all the warmth to make it reality, furnish incredible resilience to withstand any disaster. I will breathe blissfulness anywhere and everywhere; I will be sober in my hours of trouble. He is the rationale to live with. He is the rationale I live for and he is the rationale I’m alive for.

Once the quest for my Answer is over for good – the Phoenix will be born; all soaring up high in the sky with all the faith, love and wisdom disseminating for more phoenixes to born. He makes the peace arrive in the air and now it’s all trouble-free; leading life magnanimously; enjoying the aura of serenity. Doesn’t it all sound gorgeous now, than the start! And that’s how I believe absolutely that my Answer is my hero, my might. He is all to me! Waiting to meet him soon.


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