To my only King and Queen

Gorgeous lady unwrapping her newfangled gift,

Freehanded man celebrating the arrival of his princess,

The time has come, welcome to the home,

First ever time she opens her eyes to see the world;

The courteous couple standing with their outstretched arms,

That’s her first love;

Called, the love at first sight.

The true love, the indefinable epistemology.

The princess walks on a bed of roses,  

The King and his soldiers guard her from the malevolence,  

The Queen nurtures her with all warmth and benevolence,

The divine pair lay the path of righteousness for her,

Enlightening the wisdom for excellence,

To keep her through the darkness in life,

Be the shadows in the bright day light,

Burnt the midnight oil to bring her back from infirmity,

Been the yardstick to lead her to the path of lead,

Equipping her to be a stronger woman,

Silhouette her to be The One.

The princess soon sees the true world outside her oyster,

Outside reality strikes hard on her;

She despises the world, the pair and herself.

Shattering her inner self to dust,

She blames the duo for making it all an illusion,

But still they are there for her like the air always,

Not one blink they shrug from their liabilities.

As the days go by, she sees what’s been engraved within her,

The blood of enormous bravery;

The soul of impeccable strength;

The mind to conceive her thoughts to reality;

Their true love is blossoming within her.

She hides for being the despicable her,

Regretting for all that she taunted;

Still the Kingdom is welcoming her with warm lights of delight.

Not knowing how to gratify the immaculate pair

The unconditional sacrifices for carving a pedestal for her;

The body for fighting against her enemies;

The soul burnt to make her alive.

She stands in admiration of the brace,

Completely struck by the awe-inspiring of the duo.

She decides for reciprocating the absolute love,

Searching on the long highway,

Variegated openings but none equal to that.

Closest she gets is to stand tall for them and

Proclaim to the world that “ I’m just their remarkable identity.

I’m nothing without them,

but The all with them.”

She is here, striding for the purpose.


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