Our journey is our only history, because everyone starts their life in a womb and ends it in six  feet yard.

-Krupa D

I invite you on board to be with me on my journey, it’s adventurous. To begin with my name is Krupa Devadoss. I am an explorer, traveler, blogger, learner, seeker, science researcher and an artist. I am most expressive with my poems and prose – they speak of  the different shades of emotions and experiences of my life and surroundings. Expression of myself is my impression. Mustard Seed is like my cyber space Graffiti – Gratitude, Satire, Bliss, Excitement, Jealousy, Empathy and many more. Pardon for any grammatical errors as I am not a professional creative writer. I would be glad to receive your appreciations, suggestions and comments.

Welcome, I am sure we have some parts common in our diaries to cherish.

Gratitude: I have used my pictures and drawings to adorn the poems, most often I have used online resources. Sincere thanks for the beautiful pictures and paintings.